Twenty Deluxe

£849.00 inc VAT

£849.00 inc VAT

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The Twenty Deluxe is Ambrogio’s smallest robot – but don’t let its size fool you. This diminutive machine is more than capable of mowing 700m² (that’s just over 2 and a half tennis courts’ worth of grass!) and it’s small size lets it navigate lawns with ease. Packed with cutting edge processors, brushless motors and a powerful lithium-ion battery, the Twenty Deluxe is the perfect solution if you want a discrete and efficient lawn robot.

Inconspicuous in operation, the Twenty Deluxe can handle complex installation, with its software allowing management of 4 separate lawn zones. Large Flex-Grip rubber tyres allow the Twenty Deluxe to tackle slopes up to 45% and the solid 18cm stainless steel cutting blade ensures a beautiful finish on your lawn. The Ambrogio Remote App makes interfacing with the robot incredibly simple, allowing you to set up automatic mowing schedules via bluetooth.

With a total length of only 42cm and a weight of 7kg, the Twenty Deluxe may have a small footprint but will leave a big impact on your lawn.

Technical Specification for the Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe:


* Max suggested : 700 + / – 20%
* Motor type: Brushless
* Lithium-Ion Battery (25,9V): 1×2.5Ah
* Max allowable slope : 45%
* Max Slope : 35%
* Slope on the edge or perimeter wire (%): 20%
* Average Working Time <Actinic:Variable Name = ‘h’/>: 02:00
* Recharge mode: Contact

Cutting System:

* Blade Type: 4 Tip Cutter Disc
* Cutting Width <Actinic:Variable Name = ‘cm’/>: 18
* Cutting Height (min-max) <Actinic:Variable Name = ‘mm’/>: 25-70
* Spiral Cutting: Yes
* “Smart Partitions” Zoning: No
* Self-Levelling: Yes
* Eco Mode: Yes
* Rain sensor: Yes
* Maximum managed areas: 4


* Navigation Type: Traditional (Wire)
* Compass System: Gyroscope
* Connect Module (GPS, GSM) – 1: No

General Information:

* Weight with Batteries Incl. : 7.1kg
* Robot Size (lxwxh): 420x290x220 mm
* Wheel Profile: Wide Flex Rubber
* Power Sound [dB(A)]: 57
* Level of Protection: IPx5


* User Interface: Buttons
* App Control: Bluetooth
* Bluetooth receiver: Yes


* Lifting/Tip-over sensor: Yes
* Push/Stop emergency Button: Yes
* PIN Code: PIN

Supplied Equipment:

* Fixing Pegs: 20
* Charging Station: Yes
* Recharging Station Cover: Optional

Supplied without Installation kit


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